December 1942

Rosie’s invitation to Magda to visit Westerbork

December 1942

To Magda Coljee
Bollenlaan 6 Naarden
Visits Department

Do you want to come visit me on Wednesday, the 9th of December? On arrival at the camp you most notify the military police with a request to be admitted to see Mr. de Haan, who is expecting you.

Mr. de Haan is my boss here, and head of the SS Abteilung Judische Auswanderung – Department of Jewish Emigration. We can then spend the entire day chatting at our leisure. I’ve arranged for you to pass unhindered. I’ll warn the military police in advance. If anyone asks what you’re doing here tell them that you have brought documents for me that prove I am a Catholic and perhaps, although they’re unlikely to ask, that Mr. de Haan is expecting you.

Please don’t bring anything special with you, at the most a packet of cigarettes and if you don’t mind the silver chain with the blue pendant, my gold ring with the family crest, and the gold ring with the red coral. I would also be grateful for the polished ring. Please don’t send these small items. I’ll leave it up to you how you go about it.

If December 9th is inconvenient please write first. Write me in detail about van Meteren. You’re free to write as much as you want. For the moment I am unable to correspond, I’ll tell you why when I see you. Until Wednesday.

Rosie, Lya

If you can, please wear my fur coat and carry your own jacket over your arm. It would be so wonderful to have it here.