“Kapo Song” (Block 10, Auschwitz, 1943)

Kapo Song

I smiled at a Kapo in Auschwitz
He brings me parcels and joy
He’s my personal mister fix-it
My Kapoman, he’s my boy.
All night I dream of my Kapo,
Until the new day smiles
I pretty myself for a walk with my beau
Then my Kapoman’s by my side.
I like him so much. He’s my star.
And he knows he is, he knows he is
I smile, but I’m restless thus far
And my smiles are exclusively his.
Sometimes I’m a little uneasy
Afraid the Aufseherin will start to groan
At my Kapo friend, who wants to please me
Wants the sun to shine for me alone
May the Schwarzbetrieb soon be ended
This dreadful dark affair has had its season
When I go home, it will be splendid
Then I’ll pretty myself, I have my reasons.
I’ll kiss my Kapoman until my lips are sore
He’ll beam with joy, there’s nothing I want more
And that is the end of this story
Yes, yes, that is the end of this story