March 13, 1942

L. Crielaars
Stationweg 17 ’s-Hertogenbosch
Your letter of 28-2-1942 ’s-Gravenhage,
March 13th 1942
Reference: JA/TGD-gd
Nr. 2429 Miss R. Glaser

In response to your letter of February 28, 1942 I am at liberty to inform you that Miss R. Glaser is no longer authorized to teach, as she has not applied for membership of the Dutch Kultuurkamer within the statutory period. Miss Glaser has been informed of this fact. Should you nevertheless determine shat she has continued her teaching activities, then the police will no doubt be prepared to intervene on the basis of this letter.

For the Dutch Kultuurkamer
Head of the department Government and Juridical Matters