March 21, 1942

’s-Hertogenbosch, March 21, 1942

To the Procurator General

Subject: dance school of Rosie Glacer

In response to your letter of October 14, 1941 and with reference to my letter of October 21, 1941 occasioned by the letter received from dance teacher Crielaars, I am delighted to provide you, honorable Sir, with the following report. According to the letter dated October 21, 1941 from the Secretary General of the Department of Education and the Arts Miss Glacer has, up to the present, taught dance. According to a letter from the Dutch Kultuurkamer dated March 13, 1942 and submitted to me by dance teacher Crielaars, a copy of which is hereby appended, Miss Glacer is no longer permitted to teach dance. Miss Glacer has been informed about this and has declared that she will end her teaching activities on March 16th.

Police ‘s-Hertogenbosch