“A Little Longing” (Birkenau, 1944)

I’m feeling a little longing, a little longing for you
I’m feeling a little longing, for my love for you is true.
Only those who know desire can understand my pain
Yet this is something for you and me, we two, and not in vain.
Leave me a little longing, a little longing so blue
Leave me a little longing, for your eyes, your mouth, for you.

We were forced to stay apart
long years, far too long for my heart,
But in my every dream I see
that you always return to me,
Yearning, waiting without rights,
many days and many nights.

Trouble is, I can’t forget,
And people say I should regret.
But to you I will be true for life,
I promise to be a faithful wife.
Nothing will ever change my mind,
You know, admit it, you’re not blind.

Before long, it will be forgotten,
A painful memory misbegotten.
For I know there’s a time to build,
when all my dreams will be fulfilled.
We shall be strong and never bend
My love for you will never end.

Nothing can separate you and me,
We two together, linked and free.
I see our home in years to come,
A house for us, and me a mum,
I see a cradle full of love,
With there inside, our turtle dove.