February 28, 1942

To Mr. Van Leeuwen,
Procurator General of the Court of Justice,

Respected Sir,

In response to the official establishment of the Kultuurkamer a few weeks ago, I would like to come back to your letter of October 28th in which you informed me that dance classes given by Jews could continue for the time being. When the ordinance was published, however, I immediately contacted the police and the Kultuurkamer with respect to Rosie Glaser. Inspector Vos of the local police informed me that Rosie Glaser is in the possession of a letter from the Kultuurkamer, signed by the secretary of the dance division, stating that she is allowed to continue her activities for the time being. Without an indication to the contrary there was nothing he could do about it. I then contacted the aforementioned secretary who informed me that the letter from the Kultuurkamer is no longer valid and that he would look in to the matter. Fearing that this will be postponed due to the pressure of work I now turn to you in order to settle the matter definitively. In the hope that you will consider my request, I thank you in advance.